The Importance of Food Stylists with a Food Photographer

Food photography has become an indispensable part of marketing and advertising in recent years. Vibrant, enticing photos of food are used everywhere - on restaurant menus, food packaging, advertisements, magazines, cookbooks and websites. For professional food photographers, creating mouthwatering images that make viewers hungry requires more than just excellent photography skills. That's where food stylists come in.

Who Are Food Stylists and What Do They Do?

Food stylists are professionals who specialise in preparing and presenting food for the camera. Their role is to make the food look as visually appealing and appetising as possible before the photographer captures the image.

A food stylist uses a range of techniques and tricks to make the food aesthetically pleasing. This includes choosing recipes or ingredients that look vibrant on camera, carefully styling the placement of food and props, and employing subtle "fake food" tricks when needed. Some of the tasks a food stylist may handle:

- Selecting recipes or food items that look graphic and bold on camera

- Prepping ingredients so they have optimal colour and texture

- Cooking or preparing the food to achieve the perfect doneness for the shot

- Styling the placement of food, plates, utensils and other props for an appealing composition

- Spritzing food with water, oils or glazes to make it look freshly made

- Using non-edible substitute foods if needed for effect

- Ensuring food stays looking fresh and appetising under hot camera lights

Golden-baked mushroom lasagne with cheese topping.Cheesy beef lasagne portion on a serving spatula.
Comparison of a styled and unstyled dish

Why Food Stylists Are Essential for Professional Food Shoots

While it's possible to photograph food without a professional stylist, the images often won't be vibrant and magazine-worthy. Here are some of the key reasons food stylists are so important:

- They make food look irresistible and delicious, even when it's cold or not freshly made.

- They create visual interest and appeal through colours, textures, shapes and placement.

- They ensure consistency across large photo shoots, making sure each dish looks equally mouthwatering.

- They use tricks like mists, glazes and substitute foods to prevent wilting, melting or other unappealing effects under lighting.

- They assemble ingredients in an artful, balanced way tailored to the client's vision and needs.

- Their expertise allows photographers to focus on lighting, framing and other technical aspects.

The right food stylist collaborating with a talented photographer can create magic. They are able to make viewers stop scrolling and stare at a tantalising photo of food, inducing cravings and an immediate desire to taste what they see. This reaction is exactly what brands and restaurants hope to achieve with professional food photography.

So next time you see a gorgeous glossy photo of food in an ad or cookbook, don't forget to appreciate the food stylist who helped bring that dish to life so appealingly on camera! Their specialised skills take food photography to the next level.

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