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PEPPADEW® Brand Recipes

PEPPADEW® Brand Recipes

Charlie Bard

Charlie Bard

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The PEPPADEW® brand approached I Make You Hungry to produce a new range of recipes and images for both their own website and for Sainsbury’s recipe site

A number of the images were also used as key visuals for PEPPADEW® brand sponsorship of the Food Network UK

Here is a selection of the images produced from the recipes. 



Charlie Bard / I Make You Hungry

Recipe Development & Styling

Sophie Foot

Props Styling

Hannah Wilkinson



Geeky Bits;

All of these shots were produced with a Canon 5DSr camera using a 100mm 2.8 macro lens, occasionally switching to an 85mm 1.2,

For the lighting, a PixaPro AD600 was used with an indirect parabolic reflector through a Rosco diffusion from behind the subject. 

Lee filters polarizer was used on the lenses in order to boost contrast and control highlights on certain elements. 

Captured using Capture One Pro and edited in Adobe Photoshop

More to explorer

Gyoza and fresh vegetables on a clean background with drips of sauce

Licensing & Copyright

Occasionally I get asked for a full buyout or to own the copyright of the images of the shoot. More often than

Soft Drink - Kolibri Drinks Limited - food photographer - i make you hungry


Photography for Kolibri Drinks. The brief included representing the different parts of the world the flavours come. Each shot included a signature

Junk food - Eating - food photographer - i make you hungry

The Surfers Cookbook

I Make You Hungry was approached by Hindrigo Loran and Ocean Breeze Publishing to capture images for The Surfers Cookbook, a collection

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