Charlie Bard - Food And Drink Photographer

I Make You Hungry

Charlie Bard is a London-based commercial food and drink photographer with a passion for capturing the mouthwatering appeal of dishes. A trained chef with extensive experience in the hospitality industry, Charlie has shifted his focus from the kitchen to the camera, where he creates stunning food, drink, and lifestyle imagery.

In addition to shooting for restaurants, Charlie has worked with various clients including Ocado, Tesco, Hard Rock Cafe, Hilton Hotels, and Nespresso and has contributed to cookbooks and editorial publications. His precision and creativity ensure that your food looks appetizing and your message is effectively conveyed.

Charlie has been shortlisted for Food Photographer of the Year and has won multiple awards throughout his career.

He is committed to bringing your dishes to life and making them irresistible to your customers.


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Charlie Bard Food Photographer
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